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  • Integrity: I seek truth and honesty in myself before I seek it in others.


  • Perseverance: I will ceaselessly endeavor to do the right thing.


  • Loyalty: I operate within a committed and steadfast framework as a citizen and a friend.


  • Trust: I will trust others even if the risk seems great.


  • Respect: This includes as a first order requirement—self-respect. Without it I am nothing but an unwilling slave at everybody’s mercy, especially those who I fear or hold in contempt. I know my own worth and trust myself without letting ego or image get in the way.


  • Humor: I am able to laugh at myself and create a joyful environment around me.


  • Courage: I harness wisdom and will to do the right thing and encourage others to do so.


  • Honor: My words result in action that dignifies the ends. I keep my promises.

My mission is to be a wise, discerning, cheerful, generous, and Spirit-filled person each and every day. As I go about my daily activities, I will create opportunities, discover new truths, appreciate the beauty of the universe, and pro-actively shape my future. I seek wisdom, self-fulfillment, financial independence, confidence, and good health. As a husband, I will be loving, considerate, passionate, and sensitive. As a father and son, I will be understanding, patient, and helpful. As a leader, I will be wise, firm, decisive, and fair. As a manager, I will be knowledgeable, cheerful, responsible, and productive.